What lengh is considered big for a guys dick??

How big does a guys dick have to be to be considered big???

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I would have to say 8in or more is a pretty cool size.

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***race doesn't play all that much role a mans health does...athletic=stronger heart= bigger,harder, longer etc# where as if the person is fat they are not.***

Actually that isn't true, when you are healthier it LOOKS bigger then when you are fatter, because you don't have all the fat pushing it down. It is HARDER when you are healthier as well...because well you are healthier, but being healthier won't make it bigger then it allready is.

And race does play a role - generally not a large one.

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Average is around 15 cm's (5.9 inches), (that is lenght).

You get different definitions of big...

if you mean big as in long...around anything above your average would be considered big, expecially if it is above 8 or 9 inches.

Circumference (if I remember the stats correctly this is more important for woman then length) average is around 12.7 cm or 5 inches.

Oh and the how large does it have to be to be considered big also varies between races in general,

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