What laptop to you think I should get?

Do you think I should get a Mac, Vaio, Dell, etc? Mac seems really glamorous but is it incompatible with other programs? Vaio, would I be paying more for just the name? I’m new to this all, please help. I would prefer a Mac or Vaio (I have rich high-end friends, thus peer pressure)

Answer #1

Id definately stay with the mac or vaio. Sony, you do pay for the name but they have really crisp screens and they are good quality. I would personally buy the apple. So much easier to use and if you have an iPod you don`t realize how much easier life will be on a mac. I dont know what your budget is but I would buy the MacBookAir. It is so cool! Good luck!! : b

Answer #2

I Have a dell intel Laptop, And it has never caused me any problems and I have had it for at leat 15 Years! So I dont really Know what your talking about ‘Lex icon’ As For the Question, I Think that you should decide yourself, Everyone has different tastes and likes different styles, Get the one you think its best priced and Suits your taste :D

Answer #3

I have the macbook. I love it! except that its white and I have to take care of it realy good and be carefull.

Answer #4

You want to be careful with the mac, you’re going to have to learn a whole new os… I know friends who bought theirs and dont use it because it’s a lot of work to learn where everything is and how to use it…

I have a vaoi, I love it, it’s a little tempermental, but it really is a good computer.

Whatever you do stay away from HPs, they have this annoying tendancy to overheat…

Answer #5

We’re an all Mac household here.

Even our 3 year old has a Mac, and if she can figure out where “everything” is, then you can too!

Really, everything is on the Dock right in front of you anyway, except little obscure utilities which are in the applications folder that you never have to use more than once per year.

I highly recommend the mac – the main reason being that you completely forget about the issue of spyware or viruses.

Answer #6

Never get a Dell! Seriously, the are nothing but bad news and shoddy parts.

As for the other two, it depends what you want it for. Macs run under MacOS X, and I find are better for graphic/visual editing, drawing etc, whereas the Vaio is defaulted to boot under windows, so that’s more compatible with gaming software.

However, most laptops can be formatted in such a way that they will boot, say, Mac OS X and windows. This is a programme called ‘bootcamp’, which allows you to choose if you need to boot with one or the other. So If you got a Mac, you could still be compatible with Windows based software.

Answer #7

Toshiba, it can live for ever without any problems!!

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