what kind of time period will it take to learn to play the piano?

So I think im getting a piano for christmas, and I want to learn to play cause I heard if you have a piano it makes learning to sing easier. I dont know how to read music, but anyways how long will it take to learn how to play decent?

Answer #1

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Answer #2

Why dont you go ask kelly clarkson since you no everything

Answer #3

I’ve been playing for 8 years and I can play classical good.

Answer #4

agreed, it depends on how fast you can learn to read music and how good your co - ordination is and how much determination you put in and really just whether music is inside you.. I started playing violin when I was 7 and then at 9 I decided to play piano instead and so 8years later and I’m at grade 6 so it might take you a while but it’s worth it :) if you learn the notes and you learn some theory then as long as you can read music or can play by ear you can learn to play anything :) good luck and enjoy it, you won’t want to practice if you don’t enjoy it so just have fun and let the music flowww :)x

Answer #5

I personally never took lessons but I play by ear have been doing so for probably 12 years. It all depends how musically talented you are =] I have friends who can’t even play three blind mice but others who can just sit down and play amazing music off the top of there head.

Answer #6

It really depends on if you have a good ear for music and yeah how musicaly talented you are ,, anyone can learn to play but it’s not really like school subjects when everyone learns at the same pace . . If you really practice a lot you could learn it quite fast ,, you don’t HAVE to be able to read music for some songs that you sing along to ,, (there mostly just cords) but it does help if you can . . I’m quite talented when it comes to music but I do not practice AT ALL . . But I think everyone should learn an intrument ,, it’s something great to be able to do and piano is the most fun from my view :DD I say definatly get one . . You won’t sit down and magically learn straight away but it’s worth it ,, and it might take a year to learn how to sit down by yourself and learn a song but if you go to a good teacher you could just take a while learning a song with there help and eventually you’ll get it (I made that a bit confusing sorry :L) but yeahh it’s great to have it if you like singing ands still great even if you can’t sing :) xx

Answer #7

Their really is no time period, it could take you a year, or even a couple months. It depends on how welll you take to the piano. If I were you I would start out slow an make sure you know your notes an how to read them, because its very important I know some people say it isn’t but it is, because when it comes down to it, notes are everything. An you should also get a music book at a music store for beginners because that goes over everything, with notes and easy start off excerises for you. An it would really help you if you took lessons from a teacher. Plus don’t really expect to be good right away, it takes time, believe me I know, I’ve learned two instruments by myself which are panio,marimba(keyboards), and how to play snare ann I also know how to play the flute. ann those really werent easy hahaha, it took me 6 months to learn keybords, but I also got help from a teacher an other people ann now I know all twelve scales which you have to learn too because if you ever going to learn to play right, soo like a said buy a book an they have all those scales in the back ann time signatures are very importent so you know what key to play in,, sorry I must have you very confused but you will get it over time, it comes ann the piano will make it easier for you to sing because the piano is already in tune so all the notes are correct for you to match your voice to,, ann by the way practice is the next best thing even tho later on you might know something very well, don’t stop playing it. I’ve been playing music for 6 years ann I still practice the warm ups my teacher gives me, an they help! they help you even tho sometimes they might seem annoying they help, ann when you might not get a part just break it down little by little start off slow and join you way up…good luck!!! I know you’ll get it hahah :)

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