What kind of shampoo is good for greasy hair?

I've tried so many different kinds of shampoos/conditioners, but no matter what I use, my hair is greasy the next day..
What are some good shampoos?

{I've been using aussie and tresemme}

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Try not to use conditioner for a while, don't use water that's too extreme in temp, not too hot, not too cold... Try adding lemon juice into your final rinse too. And don't worry, it's a phase that will pass.

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Try an Acidic Rinse

Lemon mixed with a quart of good water such as distilled water, makes a great rinse. It is best to use the juice of two lemons and this can really help to reduce the oil on your scalp.

Also, vinegar often makes a really good rinse, though it does not smell as good as the lemon! It is better to use white vinegar and it is thought that two tablespoons of the vinegar mixed with one cupful of water should work perfectly. The vinegar acts as a tonic for the scalp and it clears any remaining soap away from the scalp, which can often cause oily hair to be weighed downIf you are in a bit of a rush but your hair looks really dull and oily, you can always sprinkle a little baby powder into it, leave it to stand for around five minutes, and then simply comb it through. This in theory should soak up any excess oil in the scalp.

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dont guy buy expensive shampoos and conditionars! I have the same prob to, the first day it is fine, the next, its greasy. my mom told me its because im not lathering propaly, then when she told me how to, it worked.

ok, make sure you shampoo before and after you condition, to wash out the excess conditioner. also only use a small blob of conditioner, about the size of a 20 cent coin (aussie). holped this helped.

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as a stylist,I always reccomend to clients with greasy hair its not the products you use but because you was your hair everday your over stimulating your oil glands with massaging while you shampoo,try going without washing every other day for 2 weeks then,try going 3 days,also try using batiste dry shampoo between washing just spray it on your roots then brush it out or for a cheaper option baby talc

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I heard that apple shampoo is really good for greasy hair. h

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I heard that apple shampoo is really good for greasy hair. h

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Don't shamoo everyday
the products you are using are pretty good :)

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