What kind of girls do guys like?

For the guys, I guess?

So, what do you find in a girl attractive. What would you call the perfect girlfriend?

Or, what do you look for in a girl?

Just a wonder’ :)

Answer #1

for me,I think I don’t need so many adjective words.I juset need a girl who won’t leave me when I lose my job . I most happy thing in my life is shake her hand and be older with her.

Answer #2

Each guy is individual, as for me I will tell you about this girl I know, if she loved me I would be hers forever, she is beautiful, graceful, charming, witty, sweet, nice, respectful, self assured, independent, smart, loyal, truthful, does not play mind games, and most of all does not just hop into bed with just anyone. That is my ideal woman right there.

Answer #3

Besides her looks I want a girl that likes the same thing I do. Music (for the most part), outdoors, food, places I like to go, riding motorcycles and staying fit. They say opposites attract but I don’t always agree with that when it comes to dating someone. I don’t mind her liking other stuff but I would like to have a lot in common. I don’t want the girl I’m with to have to try and change me. She should like me how I am and I’ll do the same.

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