What kind of clothing???

Okay I need your opinoin on this,okay I have lots of clothing and I need your idea. I have these kind of name brand clothes which one is the coolest. Baby Phat,Coggi,Apple Bottom,and lots of more which one??? Help…

Answer #1

apple bottom seems good neva heard them brand not from australia I guess

Answer #2

Tripp is a pretty cool brand :) you can find it in Hottopic stores

Answer #3

abmercrombiee, the only store I shop at! its really niceee, especially the jeans

Answer #4

hmm…I have no clue what those brands are xP I spend all my money at hottoic,spencers,pac sun, and index xD

Answer #5

apple bottom is ok, but I loveee hollister, abercrombie and fitch, aeropostale(my favorite), american eagle, and louis vuitton(my 2nd fav.)

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