What kind of can I presentgifts for 2 years girl for birthday?

I want to present a gift for a girl baby on behalf of her birthday. So,can you suggest me what kind of gifts I can present .

Answer #1

I have 9 nieces and nephews and so far I have noticed that they mostly love dolls and coloring and stuff. :)

Answer #2

2 year olds like colouring in, and since its a girl then maybe some colouring in books with faries etc and some pencils/felts, and maybe like a fairy or princess dress-up costume or some wings. a barbie? a stuffed animal of like a unicorn or a bear? some story books like cinderella and those ones etc, a dvd of kids shows? a fairy wand? a poster for her room with faries/ princesses? pink twinkle lights for her room, a doll? doll clothes? doll accessories? a girly backpack, a cool pink pillow for her bed, barbie lunch box and drink bottle? play-dough?

just some suggestions. kids usually like ‘hands on’ toys, like stuff they can play with.

Answer #3

What price were you thinking of? 2 $? 20 $? 200 $? This really important to know before chosing a present.

Some suggestions: For 2$ or less

  • Chocolate.
  • A plastic-crown and plastic jewels. Large ones that a kid can’t swallow. Shiny. For 20$ or less
  • A doll.
  • A plush animal. Pink unicorn. For 200 $ or less
  • A baby bicycle without pedals (where they walk while they sit in the saddle). This is really good for the sense of balance, and kids can get as fast as jogging tempo when they practise.
  • If her parents have a garden, get a swing including the construction or get a sandbox including a bucket, shovel and sand molds.
Answer #4

get her a doll with no small parts or harmful metals, plastics, paint, etc. get her an easel and those crayola early beginnings thing from walmart. get her a stroller and babydoll with a bottle. get her a ni-hio kilan picnic basket it has like fake food and stuff and she can use with her babydoll. get her a fairy princess outfit. get her a mommy and me activity book with one or two of the presents so the mother can do things with her while the daughter can play with her toys aftewards!!!

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