What job can a 13 year old get without it being hard???

im despirite to get a job because where really poor and we need the money and my mam doesnt work and my dad works as a taxi driver in the UK.I dont want to work as paper round or dog walking or sitting or anything like that I want a job I will enjoy please help thx…

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Answer #2

paper route walking dogs baby sitting

Answer #3

Well it all depends on the rules that they have regarding to working… look around see in the internet… check manny places out that is what you like and also that where they will accept you… But really sometimes you have to work yourself up and you wont always get what you want…


Answer #4

I agree with the person above me.Sometimes you have to work hard to get what you want.I tried babysitting and it is great!I am earning a lot of money and the kids are great!(most of the time.)Lol!Make a list of things you enjoy and go for that!Good luck!!!

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