What are the best love songs?

What are the best love songs???

Answer #1

I really really like taylor swift. But I don’t like country. She has some reallly good songs, check it out.

Answer #2

Love Story-Taylor Swift Fall for You-Secondhand Serenade Bella’s Lullaby- Carter Burwell (You can find a diff. version with lyrics in it too):-)

Answer #3

Your Call - Secondhand Serenade Stolen- Dashboard Confessional Katie and I- Kill Paradise Falling in Love- Falling up

Answer #4

my baby you …by …mark anothony

Answer #5

Yeah! Taylor Swift has some really cute songs. Also the feeling has good songs.

Answer #6

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel HIM - Beautiful Fiona Apple - Sally’s Song (from the nightmare before christmas) HIM - Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart The Doors - Hello, I Love You Incubus - I Miss You Blue October - Calling You Oasis - Wonderwall Death Cab For Cutie - I’ll Follow You Into The Dark Hellogoodbye - Oh, It Is Love James Blunt - Your Beautiful Hellogoodbye - Here In Your Arms Colbie Calliet - Bubbly Colbie Calliet - Realize Guns and Roses - Sweet Child O’Mine

Answer #7

Love Song by Luna Sea.:)

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