What is your skin routine?

Im wondering. What is your skin routine when you come out of the shower? E.G Mine is:

  • I put cream on my pimples
  • I put moisturizer on
  • I wait till everything is all dry
  • I then put on my foundation (Loreal Mineral Foundation)
  • And then I conceal my dark circles under my eyes
  • I then put my black eyeliner on, mascara then underline my waterline with brown eyeliner. Its a natural look :) So whats your Routine? :D x
Answer #1

For washing my face I use this skin care thing called Zitbomb and Zitbar. I don’t use it all the time though since I don’t get many zits. Then I put on some concealor mostly just for under my eyes. I don’t use foundation. Then I put on some black liquid eyeliner on my top lash line and black pencil eyeliner under my eye and I smudge it. Sometimes I’ll also go for other different colored eyeliners like purple or blue. Then a light eyeshadow. Sometimes I’ll go for a darker shadow though if I want more like a smokey eye but that’s mostly for special occasions. Then some mascara, a light pink blush, some lip gloss and I’m done

Answer #2
  1. Wash my face in the shower.
  2. Moisturize when I get out.
  3. Spot treatment with a mask on any pimples or trouble areas. (In the morning)
  4. Wash my face.
  5. Moisturize.
  6. Spot conceal any pimples or trouble areas.
  7. Apply a translucent powder for oily areas.
  8. Apply blush on the apples of my cheeks, lip stain, mascara, and eyeliner or eyeshadow used as eyeliner.
Answer #3
  1. use blackhead scrub in the shower (clean and clear)
  2. use clean and clear acne control 3 steps face mask, face moisture, and on the spot treatment
  3. skin id face mask
Answer #4

I use clean and clean (and I love it) and the makeup pedends on what im wearing… I put on victoria seceret eye shadow…I LOVE the victoria seceret liquid eyeliner..but know matter what I always use black eyeliner, mascara, and foundation.

Answer #5

My ‘’routine’’ lol… I take a shower every day, I use irish spring soap (the old school green bar) and my skin never itches or anything and stays healthy and smooth.

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