What is your sexiest feature?

Ok answer truthfully what do you think is the sexiest feature about you?for me it would have to be my eyes or my boobs I don’t know it depends on what type of guy you are lol well comeon people answer both girls and guys!

Answer #1

umm guys say my “ boobs”

   "my long legs"
   "my 'juicy' lips"

but I think

  "my eyes" there blue.
  "and my mouth... the inside."

trust me I can turn on anyguy…

Answer #2

My husband loves: My eyes which are very Mysterious My boobs My butt My nice long legs My back ( especially with a sexy backless dress on)

If fact my husband loves to look at my whole body.

Answer #3

My Breast, Lips,Eyes,Nose,Legs,Hair,

Answer #4

I think the sexiest part of me are either my eyes or my hands or legs obviously since I’m a girl I love my boobs they are very nice as I have been told but I don’t know if they would be the sexiest part of me

Answer #5

most people say my boobs or my butt

Answer #6

my toned 6’1” frame . aerobics abs,198lbs. Iwould have to say,my butt!

Answer #7

my boobs my lips my eyes my stomach my toes lol … I stated them in that order that that has been what I’ve been complimented on by both guys and girls … but if I had to choose for myself it would be my boobs

Answer #8


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