What is your opinion on girls with lip piercings?

I really want to get my lip pierced, no ring or anything. just a cute stud. but im not sure because some girls look not so wonderful with them. while others look great.

Answer #1

I’m a girl [duh] and I have snakebites =3 Everyone I know LOVES them on me. It just depends on what YOU think ^^ Just have fun with them =3 ~Britt xx

Answer #2

Well, I think that getting your lip pierced is not good. you look so pretty without you lip pierced so you should leave it that way

Answer #3

I’ve got my lip pierced and at first I was scared it wasnt gonna look right but luckily it did what you should do is put a clip on one or a gem in the place that you want it, then see if it looks ok and btw it doesnt really hurt im 13 (your ment to be 14 with a parent and 16 without but it varies in other countries and all) I had mine numbed and yeah it hurt a bit but it was ok after…and only eat things you can put to the side because it hurts and you might accidently bite down onto the back and that hurts.

Answer #4

I love them

Answer #5

I personally thinks it looks really stupid and dumb!

Answer #6

thanks, angelofdeathxox !

Answer #7

if you dont like it, you can always take it out

Answer #8

well 4 me I find then attractive and sexy but thats just me :]]

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