What is your favorite musical instrument?

I am thinking about starting a new musical instrument and I cant decide which one yet so what is your favorite and why?

Answer #1

I love the piano. It can be loud, quiet, upbeat, soft, pretty, hard, soothing, exciting and many other things!! I have been playing it for almost ten years, and I am only thirteen!!

Answer #2

hmmm… well, drums are fun, but you have to be ready to hear drums and not a song.. Personally, I would go with trumpet. If played right, it can sound beautiful, and it can also be loud if you want it to be… I play the trumpet, and I say as long as you practice, it will be easy and fun! And dont forgt, they use trumpets in a lot of band’s and marching band’s I can play all the small things on the trumpet and it rocks!!! If you play the drums, you will still have fun, and probally will have a more open option to being in a band, but you wont hear actual songs like hang on sloopy or all the small things by blink 182 So yeah, I suggest the trumpet!! :)

Answer #3

my favorite instrument is the guitar

Answer #4

Hey those are nice but my favorite is the guitar. Why? its a part of me. I take it wherever I go. I write songs so it all reaches my inner soul. So a guitar is good. You might like piano too. Go to a music store and check out their instruments and sit down with them to feel which one you think you would love to play. Good luck!!

Answer #5

I play the flute and it is way fun. it is way easy and sounds georgeous.

Answer #6

I play flute. I love the flute its so relaxing at time but can be creppy at others. I love music..its my life.

Answer #7

piano. I’ve played since I was 7 and majored in music my first year in college.

Answer #8

Drums baby!!! Why?… I don’t know- they just make a lot of noise- like me! Oh actually I changed my mind- my favorite musical instrument is me!!!

Answer #9

Guitars! Althought, drums rock too =]

Answer #10

the beer keg is my favorite :D

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