What is your favorite hobby

What is your favorite hobby.

Answer #1

playing my ps2

Answer #2

Track&field! & Dancing;) AND EATING! :D

Answer #3

reading… I read whenever I have any spare time. I usually spend a good four hours every weekend reading because it helps me to relieve stress that has accummulated throughout the week. I’m in grade 9, so between schoolwork, social life and volunteer work, I usually feel pretty down by the end of the week. Reading helps because it allows me enter a world different from my own and imagining myself in someone else’s life helps me to forget about my own problems even if it is for only a couple of hours… I love that feeling

Answer #4


:) Trying to make FunAdvice better (same question, asked six days ago).

Answer #5

I have a lot of hobbies or meaby I just took lessons and learned! but I mainly like playing the guitar and piano and making songs! it makes me relax and all is so cul!

Answer #6

Sketching. :) and well…don’t tell anyone…I adore looking at guys with lovely scene hair XD aha

Answer #7

volleyball or hanging with my friends

Answer #8

playing volleyball!!! :)

Answer #9

reading a good book and listening to music. ^_^ dancing! xD

Answer #10

I’ll have to say snowboarding.

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