What is your favorite cologne?

Hey, I find myself wearing the same 2 colognes Aqua di Gio by Armani and Jean paul Gaultier and although I love them, I think I need a third sent just to mix things up. So I’m asking the girls whats your favorite cologne on a guy? or dudes whats your favorite cologne?

Answer #1

Axe –AHHH so good. This one guy smelled sooo good, so I asked him what he was wearing and he said Paris Hilton for guys.. oh man it was so good. This other guy wears Adidas and it’s awesome.. it’s… orgasmic. lol They last forever and the price is good. :)

Answer #2

Eternity.. mmm it smells bomb

Answer #3

Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction

Answer #4

D+G The One

Answer #5

polo sport!

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