What is your favorite band?

what is your fav band

Answer #1

well, my top 3 fave bands are: 1.My Chemical Romance(they are my all-time favorite) 2.Fall Out Boy 3.The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

but I also like: Simple Plan The Click Five Paramore New Found Glory The All-American Rejects

that’s all=D

Answer #2

Flyleaf Paramore Jonas Brothers Fall Out Boy Good Charlotte Plain White T’s Boys Like Girls Panic! at the Disco And 30 Seconds to Mars! All my favorites.

Answer #3

either fall out boy, boys like girls or saosin. =]

Answer #4

my favorite are: panic at the disco. reel big fish. paramore. fall out boy. cute is what we aim for. secondhand serenade. hellogoodbye. :]

Answer #5

well heres mine favourite bands Alesana boys night out bless the fall silverstein trust company slipknot bleeding through pantera I killed the prom queen atreyu armor for sleep cradle of filth 8 foot sativa

Answer #6

Lex… yes, deja vu all over again! Evanescence is my favorite… some more that I can’t get enough of are: Nickleback, Audioslave, My Chemical Romance, Fallout Boy, Bon Jovi, Buck Cherry, Daughtry, Foo Fighters, Little Big Town, Queen, Sugarland, and Taking Back Sunday!

Answer #7

umm I already answered but I have more my fav. bands are my chemical romance, Plain white Ts, fall out boy, Everlife, The Red Jumsuit Apparatatus, Destinys Child, and when I think of more I will answer this question again!

Answer #8

ok, one of the following: aviatic fall out boy panic! at the disco my chemical romance the acadamy is

…sorry. can’t make up my mind!

Answer #9

Tough Question, because I have so many. Fall Out boy, Panic! at the disco, The red jumpsuit apparatus, 30 seconds to mars, foo fighters, paramore…etc but if I had to choose one it would probably be Fall out boy. :)

Answer #10

Hmm… deja vu… wasn’t this question on earlier today? Oh well..

Ash are my favourite band- indie rock from Downpatrick, Ireland. Yay!

Answer #11

Simple Plan!!!

Answer #12

This is a hard question for the fact that there is SO much good music out there today. But I’ll narrow my list down to several bands for the fact I cannot possibly choose one.

Fall Out Boy Panic! At the Disco Paramore Nirvana Three Days Grace Slipknot Metallica Green Day My Chemical Romance P!nk Eminem (Cause I’m from Detroit, I gotta Represent) 30 Seconds to Mars The Clash Bowie *Prince

Ugh, that was more then I wanted to list but I really like music.

Answer #13

Protest the Hero

Answer #14

My Chemical Romance Deffinitely.

Answer #15

Simple Plan. Blink 182. Sum 41. Nickelback. Fall Out Boy. The Red jumpsuit apparatus. Thousand Foot krutch.

Answer #16

queens of the stone age

Answer #17

paramore…their awesome ^.^

Answer #18

my chemical romance

Answer #19

The Jonas Brothers!!

Answer #20

here are my fave bands my chemical romance avril lavigne mcfly greenday leona lewis

Answer #21


Answer #22

I dont really have one but I have several Evanescence Breaking Benjamin Three Days Grace Paramore Flyleaf 12 Stones Korn…

Answer #23

Fall Out Boy; but, say anything, my chemical romance, the goo goo dolls and three days grace.

Answer #24


Answer #25

Chiodos xp

Answer #26

evanesance pink vanessa hudgens MARY J BLIGE!!! KEISHA COLE chris brown jay-z..

so so so many more

Answer #27

Train definitly. but my fave singer is Josh Groban

Answer #28


Answer #29

jonas brothers!!

Answer #30

The Jonas Brothers!!! and Tokio Hotel!!!

Answer #31

P!nk :)

Answer #32

green day and the beatles

Answer #33

boys like girls, and flyleaf

Answer #34

Chiodos >_<

Answer #35

queens of the stone age

Answer #36

Gah! I forgot about Taking Back Sunday… haven’t listened to them in a while…

Cues up on iTunes

Answer #37

Silverstein. ^^

Answer #38


Answer #39


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