Sex with no condoms...?

My boyfriend and I don’t ever use condoms but I haven’t got pregnant. I have felt as if I was but my periods come every month, although sometimes late and only lasts four days. Between periods I have discharge that’s clear and gooey. I am only 17 and my parents don’t know I’m having sex. I don’t know what to do. Any advice??

Answer #1

You may already have an STD, some people can have their periods throughout an entire pregnancy. Stop being an idiot and use a condom.

Answer #2

You are going to get pregnant. Guaranteed. WHY???

Go to Planned Parenthood now to get birth control. Condoms (free) and BC pills (free or reduced) are available as well as free unbiased counseling. You can also get an exam and free treatment there. Don’t be another pregnant teen. Please. Good Luck!!

Answer #3

If your having discharges, goto the doctor, youmay have a yeast infection etc, they can make you sterile if you leave it too long! As for the not getting pregnant, you sure your boyfriend aint shooting blanks rofl.

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