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ok this guy I’ve been talking to has been really honest about everything but this… he told me he stopped talking to this girl he was in love with and well.. he lied. she called , I answered . enough is said bout that. but when I told him to stop talking to her he replied that they are only friends… when I answered the phone I didn’t say anything rude until she started cursing at me. he was supposedly in love with her back in 2005.im having a problem too… the more I find out about him the more I want my first love back..my ex. OMG PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE HELPFUL NICE ADVICE

Answer #1

If their just friends, why would she curse and get mad at you?

Well how can you love someone like that and then just be friends, why did the break up?

And maybe the fact the hes talking to her dissapoints you are going to to your ex as well? Or maybe you made a mistake leaving you ex do you regret it? I think you should take a break from them, go on your own for a little bit so you have a clear mind and can make a good decision.

Hard to give you a straight answer only you can really answer this one.

Answer #2

I agree with the first reply he’s lying to you. What does he have to hide from you? I don’t trust him and I don’t know him. That chick getting mouthy means she thinks he’s into her. I mean why would you just be friends with the one you love. Ask the girl her views on it try to see why she blew you up. And yes have time off from guys you don’t need one. Scientists have proven that they shorten our lives.

Answer #3

The other 2 girls have the right answers. He is obviously still talking to her because they have something going on still. Ex’s CANNOT be friends when they break up for years and years, if ever. If the other girl was getting mouthy she probably didn’t even know about you and this boy. And maybe ask this girl about it, maybe she’s getting duped too. This guy sounds dodgy. Just get rid of him and as they other girls said; have a break from guys and see what you want to do with out the pressure. Good luck <3

Answer #4

Heyy gurll.i went threw the samee thing. if anything DONT EVER tell a guy who to & not to talk to.. just tell him how u feel bout it,say i just want u to back of it a lill.. & if u countinue to talk to her as much,ill be really disapointed.. an it wont be pretty,(make it weres its not a threat tho.) then for ur ex that right there,is just you wanna get back at ur guy now because of whats hes doing to u,the girl cussing at u!? I would be that at a stop,an anounce after that its me or her,take it or leave it..

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