What is wrong with my knee?

Ok, I’m 15 and I’ve had some trouble with my knees but nothing too extreme. I’ve had excessive lateral patelar compression syndrome, which is nothing physical therapy can’t fix. Now its about 4 years late since my diagnosis, and I still have mild pain sometimes. But the last few months its gotten worse. Whenever I am lieing down or have my legs straight out I have extreme pain in my knee. Its only in my right knee though. It hurts ALL OVER my knee and I have been googling and have found no answers. I would really appreciate some feedback.. thank you

Answer #1

Go see the doctors. If you wanted to do dancing/gymnastics etc. your knees are the most important part. Good Luck !

Answer #2

It could be tendinitis. Try looking into that. The best bet would be to go to the doctors and have them take a look at it. Your knees are important.

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