Are hackers bad?

are ther hackers are they bad bad

Answer #1

? I dont know what is your question but I will say what I know?

Hackers are people who crack people’s passwords, accounts or even computers.

Answer #2

Depends on what you mean by hacking.

Some people use the term “white hat hacker” for a good guy and “black hat hacker” for the bad guys. Others use the term “Cracker” for someone who hacks into places they shouldn’t and “Hacker” for people who simply have a great deal of intellectual curiosity about how things work. Years ago a hacker was someone who got the job done though in an inelegant maner. A hack writer might produce pulp fiction but not great literature. Lately this use of “hack” has been replaced by the term “Kludge.”

Answer #3

im a hacker and no were not all bad depends on the source and why your hacking it and there are different forms of hacking

Answer #4

…? What’s your question…?

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