What is your favorite hardcore band?

What is your favorite hardcore band?!??!?

Answer #1

Courtneycupcake I f*ucking love you.

All these bands aren’t fucking hardcore you dumbases KIDS LIKE US is the sh*t!

Answer #2

lol these answers are atrocious..

Mine are: The Suicide File The Mongoloids Blood for Blood Slapshot Don’t Trip

Answer #3

three days grace

Answer #4


Answer #5

uhh like screamo and hard metal

Answer #6

Not sure what you mean by hardcore.

I like pretty high energy music when I workout. What do you think of Linkin Park, Godmsack, and Korn? Is that what you had in mind?

Answer #7

korn, disturbed, marylin manson, metallica, stone sour, do i hav 2 go on? LOL ;)

Answer #8

My friend likes lamb of god, but I like megadeth.

Answer #9

kids like us.

Answer #10

I’m not sure if this is what you had in mind either, but Evanescance.

Answer #11

Disturbed,Slipknot,Marilyn Manson

Answer #12

hase the day

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