What is this on my lip?

Ok so its winter down here and my lips have been geting chap and I use chapstick and everything but I don’t know this thing isnt normal, like when I was eating today it burned (there was salt on my food that may be why) so I looked in the mirror because chapped lips never usauly burn that bad so I looked and I noticed a part of my upper lip was slightly puffed out in a shape of a circle the circle is a lil smaller then the width of my lip and its not a different color then the rest of my lip I just noticed it was slightly puffed out, should I be worrid about this? What is it?

Answer #1

Well it sounds llike a cold sore to me also.. I live in cleveland.. it gets very cold and when your lips get wet the cold air hit them and applys a cold sore on your lip.. do not worry perfectly normal.. and a cold sore is not herpes it is a form of hepes just so you know.. can you answer my question? thanks

Answer #2

Sounds like a cold sore to me as well. Get yourself a vitamin and mineral supplement that contains some extra vitamin c for the winter.

Answer #3

That sounds like a cold sore. It is caused by chapped lips. But just to be sure I would go to the doctor if it worsens.

Answer #4


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