What is this confusion for?

Do you think only being 15 and being so confused between 3 guys is wrong. I mean really confussed. Like to where your so mad you cant even cry but you want to bang your head off the wall just so an answer will fall out on what to do? I hate this feeling. What is this suppose to mean,

Answer #1

Its Not bad, some people have this situation right now your not the only one. Define which one you care the most.

Good luck!!!

Answer #2

Its not wrong, no. It just means you like 3 guys and you don’t know who to choose. Whatever you do, avoid showing your feelings for them because that will cause more problems. Just let your head figure it out, if you truly want one of them, it’ll happen.

Answer #3

its not wrong, you just need to work out how you feel about these 3 guys and pick one if you want to if your stuck for ideas, try writing pros and cons about each one on some paper

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