What is the white thing in my underwear?? is my period coming??

it has been happing for about a month and some weeks. it is white and gooey I dont have my period im only 13 and my mom got her period at 14 and im not sure if my period is coming and as if what do I do??

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its totally normal to have discharge before your period. I had it or 11 months before I got mine. If your discharge gets kind of gooey bloody that means your period its starting

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yea btw I had my periode before and I have that white thing 2 ! im scared! so please tell me its normal ?!

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its called discharge and its just the stuff to clean out your you know what dont get worried or upset just calm down. when I was in sixth grade I had a lot of it and it lasted until the beginning of my 8th grade year so just chill its not bad for you either.

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Probobly your piriod is going to come soon... it's torolly normal... so don't worry.


Why do I have white creamy discharge coming out from my vagina?

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Its called discharge. Its a normal occurance. If you are also itchy you may have a yeast infection.

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just discharge. its perfectlly normal. most girls get it a year or so before their actuall period starts.

when white clear stuff comes out of your vigena what this mean?

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