What is the point of living ?

? :)

Answer #1

Also, if all you have between life and death is a long journey, why not make it fun?

Answer #2

to breed and then die

Answer #3

Even if you don’t want to live, use your life to improve that of others.

Answer #4

To make what you can out of it. You create your own path, it’s your decision which one to go down.

Answer #5

It’s different for everyone. My reasons:

-To watch my son grow -To live my life with my fiance -To spend time with my family -To make a difference in someone else’s life -To stay sober and continue to fight my addictions

Answer #6


Answer #7

Point of living - I believe the main reason we were created is to Praise our creator and to seek God’s will / purpose for our individual lives…Take care !!

Answer #8

I think that the point of life is to furfill your dreams and wishes…

To play the long game and win,, thats the best you can do

Answer #9

the real meaning of life is to reproduce and carry on the survival of your species you can also use it to spend time doing the things you love and being with the people you love forming relationships, finding a partner/soulmate, starting hobbies, helping people, ect

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