What is the origin of spanish?

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Spanish or Castilian (espaƱol or castellano) is a Romance language in the Ibero-Romance group that originated in northern Spain and gradually spread in the Kingdom of Castile, evolving into the principal language of government and trade in the Iberian peninsula. It was taken most notably to the Americas as well as to Africa and Asia Pacific with the expansion of the Spanish Empire between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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lol. my general knowledge isn't as good as whitechocolate's but from what I have learned, spanish originated from spain and spread around to other countries wiping out many cultural languages of their own. there are many sacred languages that have been lost for centuries because of it.
hope this answers your question in some way. :)

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Latin is the "mother" language for all romance languages. and spanish just happens to be a romance language. so, I believe that spanish comes from latin. =]

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