What is the name of this song pleassseee Help??

I need to find the name of this song , its a jazz song prob from back in the jazzy days I dont think there any words in it but thee could be but I always hear it like people dance to it all the time its a really famous song like everyone knows it when they hear it, it kinda goes Dun dun dun, dun dun dun, dun dun dun ,duna dada and that goes on and on PLEASSSE helkp me!!! :)

Answer #1

its kinda hard to answer consdiering there are no words any other way you could describe it do you possibly know who the artist is…you could also try limewire and just search for jazz songs if its really popular you should be able to find it

Answer #2

They dont know :( I’ve tried everyoneee :(

Answer #3

y don’t you ask one of your mates ??

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