WHAT is the name of this GNOME movie?

What is the name of this Gnome movie, I remember watching it as a child. It showed on HBO all the time. It is similar to the Neverending story style of fantasy and it had a short dude in it, and he had a wand that look like a tree limb. And my memory is a little fuzzy on the rest of it. But it came out like in the early Nineties or Late eighties. I wish I knew the name of that movie. Its not the Great Land of Small. Trust me. It is not Animated. A real human plays the Gnome. and all the other characters are either monsters or talking Cliffs???

Answer #1

umm the dark cyristal its a fav of my sisters its about this elf gy trying to save his girlfriend or princess or something and there are like talking trees and stuff in it

Answer #2

Ah! Now you got me wondering, I know what you’re talking about but not the name of the movie.

I keep thinking of ‘Troll’ and ‘The Gnome-Mobile’ for some reason.

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