What is the name of this classical musical video?

The other day someone said something about a music video that was on classic fm tv And they said that the video had all theese kids wearing gas masks and it was all dirty and polluted The kids were playing outside wearing gasmasks and one of the kids dropped theirs and it dissolved and in the end they all died. I want to know what its called so that I can watch the video. Please help

Answer #1

“Untitled #1” by Sigur Ros. In that video, the world has ended, but humans somehow managed to survive, I guess. It shows kids go out to play while wearing gas masks. One kid takes his off and they fall to the ground.

It’s not “classical” per say (they are one of my favorite bands of all time). But, I’m pretty sure that’s the video you’re thinking of.


Best, Dara aka editor

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