What is the most amount of books a person can read at once?

I am about to start a book club like thing. Not make my own but read books from a book club. I wanted to get opinions, and wanted to know how many books do you think a person can read at once or at the same time?

Answer #1

most I’ve tried is three novels and one reference book on magic tricks, but I just did that to see if I could. Though I’ll never try that again. I stick to 1 or 2 novels and a reference book.

Answer #2

hmm well for me I would say about 2.. if I have more than two I am pressured to read a lot. and since I get books frm the library there usually overdue. I dont read everyday like I used to either. 2 is fine for me.

Answer #3

What do you mean at once or at the same time? I usually dont get involved in more than 3 books at the same time because that can get confusing, but it’s usually easier for me to finish a book and then start on another. I can read about 3 books a day…

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