What is the meaning of godfather ?

What is the meaning of godfather ? What does he do

Answer #1

um its a guy that is w0uld be like your gaurdian if s0mething ever happenend 2 your family he w0uld take you in, if you d0nt have a leagal guardian

Answer #2

Depends on which kind you mean…

If you mean the kind that you choose when your child is born, it’s a really good friend that you would like to take over if something should happen to you. They typically buy the child gifts and spend lots of time with them. It’s usually a best friend or family member. You usually choose a Godmother at the same time. Not everyone does this, but many people do.

If you are talking about like in the movie THE GODFATHER, it typically means someone who is the head of a mob or something. Someone that most people fear. Even their own families sometimes.

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