what is the funnest thing you have done this summer??

what is the funnest thing you have done this summer???

Answer #1

Going to my friends estate in Acadia, Maine and having a HUGE party. it was pretty bomb.

Answer #2

It was a tie between getting the Coach store closed down for just me and my friend to go shopping there alone while others watched (we know people) and walking about five miles to this guys house I like and him getting to swim at my friends house until nine and just spending time with my fabulous friends (Yeah be jealous just kidding)

Answer #3

omj..me and my friend broke a steve and barrys dressing room..(dont ask, lmao..it was and accident..!!!)and we are kinda banned from there forever..lmao…

Answer #4

OH OH OH OH OH MINE IS THE BEST you want to know WHAT IT IS!!!??? huh huh huh??? okay ummm NOTHING MMMUUUAHAHAHAHAHA… hehe

Answer #5

danced the last part of when I grow up by pussycaatdolls infront of the mirror…I look gay..lol ;O

Answer #6

me and like 10 other friends got togeather and had a bonfire at my house one night…got drunk..my friend puked the next morning that was the only bad part thow..

Answer #7

help with fish spawning. yay! cant get much better then that. ^_^

Answer #8

I haven’t really did anything this summer except sports!

Answer #9

I got 2 go 2 HAWAII!!! FLORIDA!!! AND HOLIDAY WORLD AND SIXFLAGS!! ok so I did a lot of fun things!! HA LOL!!

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