What is the dress code like at a school?

I am seriously considering going back to public school after being homeschooled for almost three years. The question I have in mind though is about the dress code. I know about some of the stuff you usually can’t wear but is something like tights with a skirt acceptable at school? That’s what I wear sometimes and I was just wondering. Also I want to ask about makeup. Is doing like a smokey eye kind of makeup and like a simple lip gloss acceptable too? I was just wondering because this will be my first time going to high school. And if you can, can you please give me details on what high school is like and what I should expect? Thanks a lot!

Answer #1

All high school’s are different. Most high school’s have different dress codes. But, most high school’s don’t even follow the dress codes anyways. Or, at least the few high schools that I have been to haven’t. Just don’t show your boobs, or your a*s, and you’ll be fine. You can wear as much make up as you’d like- however you want. The most important thing to know about high school is that there is a LOT of drama, and a LOT of per-pressure. You need to be yourself. Do things the way YOU want to do them. You mustn’t fall into a clique that isn’t quite… Stable. Or bad. You know? BE YOURSELF. Okay? Number ONE thing to remember. (: I hope you enjoy high school. (oh, and don’t kill yourself. a lot of people I know how, just because of the pressure. Have fun!)

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Just watch

Answer #3

Thanks. That has helped me a lot!

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