What is the diffrence between religion and spirituality

what is the difference between religion and spirituality?that is my question please answer it =]

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To me, religion means following a set of rules and regulations.

Spirituality pertains to the things of the spirit.

The bible teaches us to test the spirits, and see which one we are following.

The Holy Spirit, will manifest in your life, thru the fruit of the spirit, which is found in Galatians 5:22.

I like what Ipon Nana said," They balance one another out."

The written word, will bring us to the spirit.

When we actually come in contact with the spirit (I am speaking of the Holy Spirit )
you are changed, and your life will never be the same, as it was before you met him.

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Silver Wings said it best. Amen!

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***Religious but not spiritual is practically impossible.
Maybe an example would highlight your point.

Many people are religious. They attend church everytime the door is open, they adhere to the "rules" of their religion, they sit on the front row, wearing their best outfit, the knees of their pants are shiny from public praying...But they also gossip, spread lies, cheat in business, cheat on their spouse, abuse their children and promote hatred through their judgment of others.

The buildings of worship are full of them...

This site is full of them...
They profess their religion...they scream it from the rooftops...
but they lie, they express hatred towards homosexuals, they make negative statements about different races, they declare that religions other than theirs should be wiped off the earth...

They do not follow the true teachings of their religion. They follow what promotes their views.
They are religious in the sense that they follow a religion...
but they have no spiritual connection to that religion...

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like yeah because you can be spiritually at one with nature ? and stuff like that ? I don't know much about religion or spirituality juts the basics but it does interest me a lot ^.^

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Religion includes an organized set of beliefs and practices which people share in common. Spirituality is a lot more personal, it's a more personal connection to whatever you believe in (God, spirits, many gods, life, human spirit, whatever...)

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Uhm.. okay :D Maybe *religious but not spiritual* is not as impossible as I thought :D lolz

Alright, it's not impossible.

Ugh, I have never been convinced this bad! lolz

Maybe you sucked the other day :P but now you rock :D

But hey, just 'cause you made me change my mind about something does not mean I am not stuck to my beliefs, it only means I am stuck to the RIGHT beliefs, and the right belief this time was yours, my friend. Thanks for lending it to me :P and thanks for using such a beautiful language.

Please keep it up and accept my greetings.


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I disagree, spirituality MAY be part of religion, but it is not necessarily part of religion... Some religions encourage a personal connection with a higher power (the spirituality part of it), but some do not. It is possible to be spiritual, but not religious, religious but not spiritual, religious and spiritual, or neither...

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"Religious but not spiritual" is practically impossible.

Maybe an example would highlight your point.

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they balance eachother out.

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^^^ explain please

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Spirituality is a part of religion.

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