What is the difference between php and html?

hi friends, I have some knowledge about html. Once I read php and it like html. so want to know that what is main difference between html and php? Please tell me all information about it.

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PHP allows you to create non-static pages and interact with databases.

PHP is a scripting language that is embedded in an HTML page. HTML provides the basic structure and simple non-chaning elements of a page\site while PHP allows you to display different content to different visitors or on different days.

It also allows you to collect information from visitors and store or display the results. An example would be a guest book.

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html is a very simple language with lots of limitations. php is a much more complex and sophisticated programing language. html is kind of a beginers language I guess you could say, where as php is very complex. if you are familiar with html keep going with that as html can generally be used in combination with php, and it will help you some. php also is used in combination with a database such as mysql which can be edited with online software such as phpmyadmin or similar.

Once upon a time html was the thing, then came coldfusion, which incidently is what myspace uses, but php is 100x more popular than any other programming language out there right now.

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wastentime ... Surprise surprise, guess what... without simple old fashioned html there would be no website for your glorious .php - I know you are just wasting time and you obviously have limited knowledge, but really the very basics you should at least try to get right before you answer easy questions. Don't be a plonker.

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