What is the difference between Parole officer & Probation officer

What is the difference between Parole officer & Probation officer? If anybody know about this, please let me know.

Answer #1

probation is for more minor crimes. and usually you get on probation in oreder to keep you out of jail and if you mess up you may go to jail.

parole officer is given when someone has been in prison for a bigger offense and has served a part of their term, hten became elligable for parole (when they can be freed from prison but only under the strict supervision of a parole officer)

Answer #2

Probation Officers monitor offenders BEFORE they are sent to prison. So a Judge could sentence someone to say 5 years probation. It is the job of the probation officer to monitor the offender for the 5 year. If the offender violates the probation rules, then he/she can be sent to prison to serve out the sentence.

Parole Officers handle the offender AFTER they have served time in prison. A prisoner is usually offered parole (supervised release) in lieu of serving out their complete sentence.

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