What is the difference between microdermal and sternum piercings?

So I have been thinking about getting a new piercing to add to all my others when I started thinking about getting my sternum pierced. I started researching it and found another type of piering… A microdermal? I was wondering what it really is, what is the difference between that and a sternum, and which one I should get?

Answer #1

mbe different sides check on enclopedia

Answer #2

You’ve probably got it done now…but you can get two types. Microdermal and surface. Microdermals are more expensive but will probably last longer, a surface piercing is more likely to reject. A surface piercing is just a bar placed under the skin which will have two balls out of the skin, where as a microdermal will be one gem on the skin and will be anchored into the skin and tissue will mesh with the holes in the bar. To get the microdermal removed a scalpel will be used, they are both nice, but it depends what you would rather have.

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