What is the difference between a 1st kiss and a 1st real kiss?

I hear people say that they had their 1st kiss as a kid but their 1st REAL kiss as a teen and I never understand what the difference is =maybe thats because I havent had my 1st kiss yet but I also never get what they mean by REAL kiss isnt a kiss just a kiss?

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The first kiss is just a peck, it's just wanting to kiss someone just to kiss someone, anyone. It doesn't put butterflies in your stomach, or make your heart race or anything like that. It isn't anything special.

Your first real kiss is when you've gotten to know this person, when you care about them so much that if something happened to them, you wouldn't know what to do anymore. When even the thought of them makes you blush, when you smile at their name, when you know that he's the one that is going to break your heart. When you two are in no special place, and he kisses you, and the world stops, and then you just stand there, speechless, afterwards. The first real kiss is like that. When you think back on it and you smile and you cry and everything else. . . Well, at least that's what I think.

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I'm guessing a real kiss is like tounges and proper lip locking aka a snog. A kiss could be just like a peck. Could be a kiss that actually meant something not just a kiss your sister and say sorry kinda kiss?

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To me, a first kiss is when your smaller and have a crush and just randomly and quickly peck their lips with yours.

A first real kiss (to me) is when you care deeply about the person your about to kiss. looking into their eyes and time seems to stop. No tongue, just a mouth on mouth connection with your hands in eachothers hands and fingers intertwined. A kiss so great, your knees feel like theyre ganna buckle and for a moment, nothing else exists. Just you, the person your with, and the amazing first real kiss.

I've never been kissed, ever. But I imagine a kiss like the one I described.

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I agree with winchy more

I think a real kiss is like when you mean it and you know what a kiss means, but like in elementary you don't really know what's going on

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NOooo both wrong. basically, when you are a kid you dont really understand the true meaning of a kiss. You just like kiss and then run away and hide in a bush :P when you are a teenager it may still be the exact same place, length of time and everything, but its a real kiss because its intimate and you know the true meaning of it. You enjoy it because its with someone and enjoy it afterwards and dont run of and get hit by a car :D Hope this helps, tried to put some comedy in to make it less boring :D Loveee will

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I'm not sure what they mean by this either, lemme see if I can make an attempt to get this.

I think what they mean by first kiss is something more of a tap kiss. Nothing amazing, nor special, just a mere tap kiss. Now, when they say first real kiss I think they mean first tongue kiss or something around that nature. There is quite a bit of difference between the two so it's the closest I got.

Hope this helps.

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NOooo both wrong**

It's an opinion? How can it be wrong?

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yh I agree first kiss are tap and second are tounges lol

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