What is the deal is justin beiber gay or not?

my friends say that justin beiber is gay is he or not? I need to no cause I no him

Answer #1

I hate him I hope that he is gay but I do not think that he is. :(

Answer #2

who cares!!seiously.. he looks like hes 12 neway.. but he would be hot if he looked his age lol:) but I do h8 it when hot guys turn out to be gay er something:(sorry, that was random:)

Answer #3

Honestly, I hate how so many people claim to know Justin. I’m a 13 yr old from Ohio, and that’s like me saying ik Selena Gomez.. Haha, no. Very little chance. And as said above, if you know him so well, ask him for yourself.

Answer #4

What’s the point, anyway.. why is scoring points with internet people so important? I doubt he’s gay.. and x0x0_cali, If you think ichi was being rude, you don’t get out very much lol

Answer #5

I think the adviso ichibanarky is kinda rude when you reply to a question like your answer is just soo rude … im not being mean im just saying the truth . sryy if I hurted your feeling im just being real . you can answer a question in a nice way not ina rude way !.

Answer #6

You knowing him is as beleivable as me saying I have a brand-new 2010 Chevrolet Colorado sitting in the driveway of my Oceanfront property in South Dakota. -.-

Answer #7

x0x0_cali, I said please don’t lie…that’s not rude.

And for the record, we don’t tolerate people who lie on this site…people who claim to know celebrities when they actually don’t, get themselves disabled.

Answer #8

if you know him in person, then go to his face and ask.. it’s better to get the real information from the right personn. good luck.

Answer #9

well when people say he’s gay,, they usually refer that as an insult. Its not like THEY would know. So why ask?

Answer #10

Why don’t you just ask him? And I don’t think so because all his songs are about girls.

Answer #11

If you know Justin, go ask him yourself!

Answer #12

no hes not gay he is the hottest straightest sweetest guy evr I LOVE him

Answer #13

Well if you claim that you now him so much YOU should know don’t you think ???

Answer #14

Please don’t lie.

If you know him, go ask him.

Answer #15

No. Hes married to me :) Jaykay.

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