what is the Cheapest Boarding School in the UK?

Okay I need to know any good boarding schools in the UK but I need the cheapest ones because my mum doesn’t have a lot of money to spend and my grades are not good enough for a scholarship , that’s why I want to go because my grades aren’t good enough and I want to do better , oh and it has to be a boys and girls school please.

Answer #1

I know I do have to pay to go to boarding school just like any other student and private schools are just fine with me, not everyone would talk like a royal family member, and I’m looking for a school anywhere in the UK it doesn’t really matter where in the UK.

Answer #2

its ok but bording schools are not a 365 days a year thing…

schooling in the uk if free except for private schools which im guessing you wont want cus youll end up talking like a royal family member lol

im not sure how it works to be honest for a foreign student..

I know youd need a foreign student visa

as for prices, well I dont think youll pay anything as long as you have a visa :S

is there a particular city or town where you want the school to be??

Answer #3

I dont no I dont live in uk

Answer #4

I’m not moving there I will be a oversea boarder , I live in Canada,

Answer #5

what city you moving to?

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