What is the big deal with twilight?

I read the first book and part of the second. Im not a fan really. Its good but I dont see why girls are crazy about it. I resently seen the second one and the ending sucked. Whats so special about twilight that makes girls go crazy and yell “omg twilight”.

Answer #1

yea, I’ve read them all, and watched the first film, and I have to agree, most just love it cause of the perfect romance, but also, as oddball123 pointed out, lots love the fims cause robert pattenson (sp?) and tayler launtner anr “hot”, dont see it myself! and the books are written pretty well, but the film (as all films do) is not nearly as good as the book. I just hope they never turn Artemis Fowl into a film, cause they would ruin that too much!!

Answer #2

its the vampires there big right now its a fad/trend just like boy bands and harry potter most people grow out of this faze/trend when they grow up bit but for now, its still popular unfortunanlty some kids and even adults go a bit crazy stupid and obsess about vampires, ask how to become something that doesnt exist, go around asking people to bite them and even start disgusting cults were kids drink each other blood twilight has definantly made all these bad things more popular so much that theres even stupid books full or stupid false information on “‘how to become a “‘vampire”‘ but yeah, vampires and half naked guys there popular with kids and teens now it doesnt really matter how stupidly rediculouse the movies or books are or even how silly there magical powers are its the fact that there half naked “‘hot”‘ vampires

Answer #3

chunkukdogril is also rght girls like romance, and a lot of them are attracted to the idea of extreem romance like romeo and juliet were they would even kill themselves for each other this though doesnt do any good for anyone just creates a fantasy were they think its possible to find that kind of love which isnt healthy and some even go as far as imitating it

Answer #4

It’s a new take on vampires, people are going to hate it for that. Other people are going to like it because it’s different. It’s a cheesy romance, it attracts certain people. I’ve read the books, watched the first movie, not a fan in any case. The books are rather poorly written and I’m just not a very romantic person…

Answer #5

I totally agree with you. I didn’t even read the books and I know what each one is about because people are so obsessed. I saw the first movie and I didn’t think it was that great either.

Answer #6

because some girls extreame romantics. they wish to have that perfect lovey dovey romance and think thats the perfect one since bella and edward would do anything for each other. the last book is the best but you have to read them all to understand the last one

Answer #7

personally, I think the books are very well written. But the whole team edward team jacob shitz is getting old. the movies sucks.

Answer #8

I’ve never seen or read any of them. I think I’m the only one :/ lol.

Answer #9

The only reason I LOVE twilight is because if Taylor lautner/Jacobs ABS I love his abs other than that I don’t like twilight

Answer #10

vampires shouldnt be even allowed to sparkel, only fairys can!!! lol

Answer #11

some of those girls only like it cause of the guys who play jacob and edward. i personally like the books and i’ve been reading them for about 3 years and i think that the girls who just stared getting into it are kinda poser-ish >=D

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