What is the best way to turn him on

What is the best way to turn my boyfriend on? I am very confortable with him so any suggestions will be great. I would just ask him but I want it to kinda be a surprise. Like if I ask him hell be like oh and not get as excited as he would if it were a surprise. I already know the trick of going in for a kiss and pulling away it drives him crazy lol thanx in advance ~kaitlyn~

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will most likely guys like it when you touch.
as in even with the lightsest touch.
My sugesstion iswhen you guys are kissing hug him, while your doing that explore his bilody wit your hands, like move your hands around him from back to front, up and down. So what I'm trying to say is that boys get turned on when you touch them.

How about this; start kissing him and from his lips to his neck, either kiss his neck or lick it. I always lick my girlfriend and she tells that's one he'll of a turn on. It gives it a tingley feeling.
so by surprising him is to hug while kissing or not, slightly move your hand around his abs then try going for his batman like touch it a little.

Hope it works

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