What is the best way to forget my love for a boy?

He doesn’t want me to be his girlfriend…what will I do to forget him??

Answer #1

Go out with your mates get to know more boys, you might just find someone you like more. He is not worth your time so try to stop thinking about him if you do find yourself constantly thinking about him still also think he is not worth it hes just a boy you know. Try not to talk to him for awhile because some girls find it really hard to get over someone if you keep talking to him constantly. Focus on something else like your school work or a hobby and just let him slip your mind. He is not worth all your thoughts. good luck.:)

Answer #2

Oh that hurts, but at least he didn’t lead you on. Delete everything you have of him to start the healing process.. this includes pictures of him on your computer, text messages, etc. You need to not be reminded of him at this time, so try and not think of him and just hang out with your girl friends and keep yourself occupied. Do some activities and socialize. Maybe you’ll meet and make more friends and who knows, maybe one of them could be someone special who will love you and cherish your love.

Answer #3

the best way to forget about the guy you is don’t talk to him dont look at him that much try to ignore him if he says hi then say hi back but dont have a long coversation if you have is phone number and your the one who textes him first stop unless he texted you. He is not worth it.


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