What is the best text messaging phone?

Okay, I have an iphone. And I hate it. Im getting a new phone for christmas but I don’t know what kind to get. Im wanting the samsung impression but I dont want to limit myself to just at&t because I know I can get an unlocked phone on any service. So the only thing im looking for is basically just and external full keyboard. I like the lg env3. And I want it to be stylish. But it cant be over $300. Thanks.!

Answer #1

Ha, I ended up getting the new balckberry Bold 9700!!!

Answer #2

Well Thanks but I do not like the sense of blackberries. I’m going to get the pantech impact because it is exactly like the env but for AT&T and the front of it lookks like the regular env but it’s touch sensitive but it stays . If that makes sense. Lol. Just google pantech impact and you’ll know what I mean

Answer #3

Well to me iphone is great. But if you dont feel comfortable using it my friends say blackberries are so easy and fast in typing.

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