What is Special about your Country?

I Love My Country, India. Its a Huge Country with different cultures,languages & Traditions. What special about your Country?

Answer #1

My country- New Zealand, is absolutely stunning. Fiordland is one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Aside from our amazing scenery, we have a relaxed way of life and freedom to be who we want in most aspects. I have issues with high taxes and land disputes (which I am allowed to disagree with, being part maori anyway) but in general I think this is an amazing place to live.

Answer #2

AUSTRALIA…wide open spaces, diverse culture, native wildlife & flora, white sandy beaches, easy going people & life-style…Just a lucky country I guess & a great place to live.

Answer #3

I love my country because we don’t have wars.

Answer #4

I love my country, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I think every country is special in their own way. No country is perfect, just like non of us are perfect. I believe US is very diverse. I don’t want to say my country is better than yours. I believe we’re all the same in God’s eyes. We shouldn’t represent ourselves as a specific culture, nationality, or race. We’re all the same.

Thanks for your question.

Answer #5

SCOTLAND… I love this country because we have beautiful scenery, brilliant places to eat, amasing animals, most of us are very friendly But if you ever get the chance to visit scotland it well worth it even although we have cold weather :)

but all in all places the good comes with the bad so…

Answer #6

I like the u.s cause well thts where I live and cause you can be yourself except gay marriage [mostly] which doesnt effect my marriagin cause I dont roll that way. and cause we have a lot more freedom than most places.

Answer #7

my country wales has lovely hills and is open and a country smell ii am a farmer and ii lovee the smell of silage, (poo) haha

its open and its awsome !

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