What is normal ovaries size?

my RTOV is 4.2*1.7*1.7cm. vol 6.34ml, LTOV is 3.9*1.9*1.7cm. vol 6.57ml. is this size normal? My uterus : Anteverted measures 5.4*3.4*3.2 cm. Endometrium thin, No fibroids. POD free , RIG & LIF free. ADNEXAE IS Normal. what is this uterus meansures means? is the size normal for pregancy?

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also, I dont think ovary SIZE is that important compared with how many follicles they contain, and whether the follicles are maturing. Again, which your doctor would have been able to tell you.

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Ok, you can't get those measurements *without* consulting a doctor.

So...why wouldn't you then ask them AFTER they measured you, if that was ok for pregnancy, etc?

is it normal to have pimples on your shoulder?!

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