Why does my cat tread on me?

I have three kittens - all very affectionate - but the female is driving me mad! While I’m lying down reading a book she will come and stand on me and start ‘treading’. Thats the only word I can think of.

She behaves like someone treading grapes - only on my stomach! :)

Why is she doing this and is there anyway to stop her? I don’t want to stop her being affectionate.


Answer #1

Its what they used to do to their mother when feeding, its a sign of affection and your cat is very happy with you.

When i go to bed on of my cats sits on top of me and ‘pads’.

Answer #2

Yap, me to. i have had cats since I was a little girl. All cats do that. Just like the fallowing answers kneeding is natural instinct from birth. Kneeding is necessary to stimulate the milk from there mother. So, since they do this you can try to get used to it or like the first person said start petting them and slowly lay them down. This way you don’t loose their affection and you don’t get bothered by there kneeding

Answer #3

I have cats as well, and I think it’s just their way of saying they love you :) My cats do that to me a lot as well. My mother always said it reminded her of someone kneeding dough. Why would you want to stop it though? I love when my cats are affectionate.

But if you want her to stop, just pick her up and place her on the bed next to you when you don’t want her to do it anymore. That’s the only thing I can think of.

Answer #4

Its an instinct, from birth, they do the same thing when nursing. As adults, its a sign the cat is in a comfortable or safe place.

Answer #5

Thanks :) I don’t want to stop her being affectionate. It’s lovely. Just this wierd behaviour drives me crazy sometimes! :)

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