What is my boyfriend thinking??

ok soo im a girl who had 6 bfs but 4 of them dumped me. all those guys are players or just want every girl or watever rite?? ok so I started hanging out wit this guy and he likes me for not the same reasons as all the other guys. he said I was nice, smart, funny, …,…,… then hawt. so I nevet went out wit such a nice guy before. im his first girlfriend. any body can tell me wats going thru his head??

Answer #1

Thnks Mrscobainx3

Answer #2

It’s nearly impossible to tell what he’s thinking without knowing him. However, being a teen age girl, I’ve had my share of heart breaks and horrible boy crushes. Just be careful not to fall too hard, too fast. Take it slow, as boring as that sounds. It’s worth it in the end. If it really bothers you, ask him what his motives are, and how he feels.

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