What is more important to colleges: class rank or SAT/ACT scores?

Ok so I was wondering what would help me get into an Ivy League school more; class rank or SAT/ACT scores?

Answer #1

Both, but having perfect SATs wins over being top of your class…

Answer #2

Scores for sure. Think about how being in the top of your class in a school full of morons would be like. Schools can’t see how smart you are in relation to other people. Only in relation to the standardized tests that THEY require.

Answer #3

well if you really want to go to an ivy league school, it is both class rank I guess and sat scores. but thats if you want to spend 50k a year at an ivy league school

Answer #4

Get a perfect SAT and ACT and go to any school you want for free.

Answer #5

Definetly your scores. You can be a from a school lacking in the education area and be on top, but it won’t help you if you aren’t smart. Make sense?

Answer #6

this doesn’t completely answer your question, but going to kuder.com will help you find a good college for you.

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