What is mardi gras?

I think that’s how you spell it

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I dont really know that much about it, but it’s also known as Fat Tuesday and celebrated in New Orleans, Louisiana. they have a parade and floats and throw those beaded necklaces into the crowds. the whole town is decorated with streamers and stuff. I dont really know wut they are actually celebrating, but they have really big parties.

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^ sounds fun ;)

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No one really knows where or when the custom started – and many of us don’t care! Some people trace it to the Romans, whose pagan orgies were held during the spring season.

The French in New Orleans were having private masked balls and parties in 1718. When the Spanish government took over, parties and street dancing were banned. It wasn’t until 1827, when Americans were in power, that the right to party in mask was restored –I love America! During the 1850’s, the city’s elite and their elegant Mardi Gras parties were quite a contrast to the wild partying and near-rioting in the streets

In 1857, a group of men formed a secret society called the Mystick Krewe of Comus. They knew that Mardi Gras could be preserved with planning,organization, and management of the celebrations.

Since America didn’t have royalty to properly welcome the Grand Duke, the men in Rex created a King “for the day” so the Grand Duke could be royally received. They secretly anointed one of their own to be the King of Carnival. Mockery is a hilarious characteristic of Mardi Gras! (To this day, many parades keep their King’s identity a secret until parade day.)

New Orleanians have since formed a lot of secret societies that have served many charitable and social functions.

Mardi Gras can even poke fun at itself. The blacks of New Orleans mocked the snobbishness and exclusivity of Rex with their own parade. In 1909, William Storey wore an old tin can for a crown instead of the more elaborate crown Rex used. William was crowned “King Zulu” that year, and was proceeded by “Provident Prince” and the “Big Shot of Africa.” Donning black face and white eyes is another irresistible pun of the Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club. Zulu’s parade would meander from barroom to the barroom in junky cars and wagons instead of floats. If you wanted to catch the start of the parade, you had to find the bar that was extending hospitality to King Zulu. This Krewe didn’t establish a parade route until recently. Today, Zulu, withits beautiful modern floats, is one of the more popular parades of the season! They are known for their unique, hand-decorated coconut throws. Only a fortunate few are lucky enough to get those!

I know that all of that makes it seem all yay fun and safe but actually its very dangerious and if you decide to go to mardi gras go with people never alone (they dont list the rape number that goes up evryday in new orlins) its crazy and there are boobs evrywere I went once and yes I gt beads but it was still wild and I doubt im going agean.

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It a parade in new orleans where people get drunk and party

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thanks everyone. “fat tuesday” LOL

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day before lent when you can indulge in whatever you like before lent starts and you have to give up a bunch of stuff, basically a day when you get it all out of your system (or so someone told me…)

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Fat Tuesday. . . .

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